Icon Projects

Since Warra was established more than 200 research projects have been undertaken at the site. Several of those projects were designed with the specific intent of continuing remeasurement in the long term (more than 15 years). These projects are designated as “Icon” projects:

  • Silvicultural Systems Trial – compares alternative methods of harvesting and regenerating tall, wet eucalypt forests;
  • Mt Weld Altitudinal Transects – a network of plots at 100-metre intervals along a 50-1300- metre altitudinal gradient to monitor long-term shifts in species’ range;
  • Log Decay Study – compares the succession of saproxylic species colonising large logs from mature Eucalyptus obliqua and smaller logs from regrowth E. obliqua;
  • Warra Climate Station – an automatic climate station managed by the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Wildfire Chronosequence Plots – a series of 0.25-hectare plots in single-age, wet eucalypt forest stands established along a chronosequence of time-since-disturbance;
  • Southern Forests Experimental Forest Landscape – a 33 x 32 km landscape dominated by lowland wet eucalypt forest that captures a gradient of disturbance intensity resulting from past wildfires and post-European land-use;
  • Warra Flux Tower and Core 1-hectare plot (Supersite) – a member site of the Ozflux Network (http://www.ozflux.org.au/) and the Australian Supersites Network (http://www.tern- supersites.net.au/) ;
  • Warra AusCover 5 x 5 km plot – a field site of the AusCover Network (http://www.auscover.org.au/) used for field validation and calibration of remote sensing products;
  • AusPlots Forests plots – Warra hosts three plots in a continental network of 1-hectare plots in tall, wet eucalypt forests used to track forest growth and productivity along continental gradients (http://www.tern.org.au/AusPlots-Forests-pg28321.html);