Research Activity

Key research objectives

  • to understand fundamental ecological processes in E. obliqua wet forests
  • to assess and monitor biodiversity and geodiversity
  • to determine the long term effects of different forest management regimes on natural diversity and ecological processes and thus assess their sustainability
  • where necessary, to develop alternative management regimes
  • to provide an integrated multi-disciplinary focus which complements research programs elsewhere in Tasmania
  • to link Tasmanian forest research with national and international programs having a long-term ecological focus

Postgraduate Projects and Post-docs associated with the Warra Tall Eucalypt SuperSite

Since 1995 over 80 graduate and undergraduate students have undertaken projects at Warra.

  • 2013, Benedickt Fest, Phd project, Melbourne University, Soil atmospher CH4 exchange.
  • 2014, Jessie Buettel, PhD project, Spatial patterning in tall eucalypt forests.
  • 2014, Scott Whitemore, UTas Dean’s Summer Scholarship, Evaluating filtering algorithms and acoustic indices for processing acoustic data.
  • 2014, Simon Marshall, UTas Dean’s Summer Scholarship study, Comparing the effect of preservatives on ground-active beetles caught in pitfall traps.
  • 2015, Scott Whitemore, UTas Honours project, Acoustic data processing.
  • 2016, Jennifer Peters, PhD project, Vulnerability of Australian ecosystems to water stress.
  • 2017, Scott Whitemore (PhD candidate, UTas) Bird call-classification algorithms from bioacoustics data, component of ARC Linkage (New approaches for sustainable forest management).
  • 2017, Liu Minxing (PhD candidate, UTas) Insect metagenomics component of ARC Linkage (New approaches for sustainable forest management).