Map Layers (Available by Request)

GIS layers have been collected at 1:25000 scale and include:
-- forest type maps (vegetation structure) derived from aerial photography -- geology -- vegetation -- fire history -- modelled climate surfaces (ESOCLIM) -- satellite images -- aerial videography -- environmental stratifications --

Tasmanian Mapping Layers (TheLIST)

Via DPIPWE - "​LISTmap allows users to view and create maps from hundreds of authoritative spatial datasets, and find out more about the information shown on those maps....LISTmap is publicly available through your computer's web browser or via your mobile device.​​​"

TERN Ecoinformatics

Aekos Ecoinformatics data archive site

Google Scholar Index

"Warra" + "Tasmania"

BOM Climate Station Data

At the Australian Bureau of Meteorology web site - Warra Station 097024

Warra Species List

Biological Taxa observed at Warra LTER as of April 2018 (.xslx spreadsheet)

Short Videos

Media Resources hosted via Youtube

  • An AusCover drone flight over the Warra SuperSite and OzFlux tower. The drone carried multiple sensors that collected data used to generate 3D models of the forest and collected infra-red images that will be used to learn about the variety of tree species present in the forest.
  • Historical footage of the Warra Long-Term Ecological Research site, established in 1998
  • Alternatives to Clear-felling in the Silvicultural Systems Trial

TERN Supersite Project Archives

Supersites Ecosystem Change Observatory: Warra Tall Eucalypt

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