Warra AusCover 5 x 5 km Plot


Warra is one of 13 AusCover field sites established in Australia to provide detailed airborne imagery and ground-based measurements that can be used to develop and validate Earth observation products.

Data collection

High-resolution LiDAR and hyperspectral imagery have been collected over a 5 x 5 km area enclosing the Warra Flux Tower and surrounding forests. A field campaign in February 2016 collected detailed ground measurements in four 1-ha plots within the 5 x 5km landscape. 


TERN AusCover enables the use and access of field-verified remote sensing data products for accurate and precise mapping and monitoring of Australian ecosystems. This partnership of over 12 government and academic institutions collects data about ecosystems using satellites, airborne sensors, and on-ground systems. We then develop tools and data products that enable researchers and resource managers to measure, investigate and understand how our environments are structured and are changing over time.


A wide range of professionals across government, research, and industry use AusCover to:

  • » Assess natural and human induced changes in the environment including impacts of bushfires, climate variability, and intensive development 
  • » Compare environmental variables across the country in space and time by drawing upon the satellite image archives for Australia
  • » Measure the relative benefits and impacts of legislated environmental management programs on Australia’s major land and coastal ecosystems
  • » Facilitate national and international links between research, government, and industry

(Text from TERN Auscover Brochure)

AusCover Brochure

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